Ways to Help

Add your name to Jessica and Yani’s team of helpers by visiting http://bit.ly/JYunicorn where you can share your unicorn strengths with us.

Monetary Donations. In addition to your positive thoughts and prayers, please consider supporting Jessica and Yani as they travel this road. Donations in any amount will make a difference. Visit http://bit.ly/JessYouCare.

Meal Train. To everyone who offered to bring over a meal or share some cheer, San Francisco is pretty far to deliver tasty veggies, healthy proteins and thoughtful sentiments. Instead, please consider “sharing a meal” by donating toward Jessica and Yani’s meal service at http://bit.ly/JessYouCare. If you would have delivered homemade soup, bread, and salad with a split of wine for Yani and some green juice for Jessica, consider donating that amount and leaving the comment “meal train.” Jessica and Yani taste the love you’re sending through the meal plan of their choice.

Flower Train. Some of you have asked how you can get involved with the flower train. Yani’s cousin Annie (who is a remarkable human) has set up a page where you can sign up if you’re interested in participating. Since the site does include Jessica’s address, please email Audrey at audreyg@unr.edu, and the link will make its way to you. By sharing flowers over time, we’re constantly giving Jessica something to look forward to. As Annie put it, “Purdy and sturdy is the way to go. No need to spend a lot.”

As always, Jessica truly appreciates your gestures, kind notes and updates. She has shared it time and again, and it’s worth repeating: your support, encouragement, positivity and love give them strength. Thank you for all that you do to enable Jessica to focus on hibernation of those errant cells.